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H Stamp, Unissued, "A Beauty!" With a PSE Graded 90 NH Cert
Unissued Non-denominated H stamp (Yellow Hat Variety) inscribed "Postcard Rate!" "A Beauty!" With a PSE Graded 90 Never Hinged Cert

Our Price: $4,900.00
#1a, Mint Pair, VF-OG-Hinged, Very RARE! PFC, SCV $21,000
Mint Pair, VF-OG-Hinged, Very RARE! Slight oxidation, slight creasing, With PFC, SCV $21,000

Our Price: $6,900.00
#7, Mint, VF/XF-Part OG-Hinged. Cat $1100.00
Mint, VF/XF-Part OG-Hinged. Very pretty. The Scott Catalog value is $1100.00

Our Price: $660.00
#12, VF-appearing, disturbed OG, repaired. w/PSE cert
VF-disturbed OG. Sort of like a Humpty Dumpty" stamp - torn in half vertically and professionally rejoined. This beautiful appearing stamp looks to have a just vertical crease - but upon high powered magnification

Our Price: $6,500.00
#12, Mint, VF/Superb, Part OG, PFC for Block/3
Mint, VF/Superb, Part OG, Few aging spots, With PFC for Block/3, this being the lower-right stamp, SCV for full OG is $30,000

Our Price: $16,000.00
#14, Fine-OG-LH. With 2005 PFC
Fine-OG-LH. With 2005 PFC.

Our Price: $1,800.00
#17, Mint Pair, OG-Hinged, With 2 PFC's, SCV $17,500
Mint Pair, OG-Hinged, Small Horizontal scissors cut in bottom margin. Still an amazing pair, With 2 PFC's, SCV $17,500

Our Price: $16,000.00
#18, Mint, VF/XF-OG-NH. Immaculate! With PFC
Mint, VF/XF-OG-NH. Immaculate! With PFC

Our Price: $5,000.00
#18, Mint, XF GEM-OG-LH, PFC, Deep rich color! SCV $2,100
Mint, XF GEM-OG-LH, With PFC, Deep rich color! SCV $2,100

Our Price: $2,500.00
#18/20/22, VF-OG-HR's, Combo blk/16 SCV $39,500 Cert
VF-OG-HR's Magnificent combination block/16. Pos. 47-50/57-60/67-70/77-80L12. Natural straight edge and pane divider line at right. Shows misplaced reliefs in the 4th vertical row of left pane (first row in this block). Three stamps with small thin spots, top row first 2 stamps, and bottom row 3rd stamp. This block contains 8 examples of type I, Scott #18. 7 examples of type II, Scott #20, and 1 example of type IIIa - Scott #22. Scott catalog value - $39,500.00 as blocks. With 2011 Bill Weiss certificate.

Our Price: $11,900.00