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#261/261a, Mint Pair, F/VF-OG-NH, 2010 PFC for the Block/10

Mint Pair, F/VF-OG-NH, 'RARE!' 'Perfect NH reverse side!' 'Pristine!' With 2010 PFC for the Block/10 from which this pair was taken, SCV for hinged is $4000

Our Price: $4,500.00
#12, VF-appearing, disturbed OG, repaired. w/PSE cert
VF-disturbed OG. Sort of like a Humpty Dumpty" stamp - torn in half vertically and professionally rejoined. This beautiful appearing stamp looks to have a just vertical crease - but upon high powered magnification

Our Price: $6,500.00
#12, Mint, VF/Superb, Part OG, PFC for Block/3
Mint, VF/Superb, Part OG, Few aging spots, With PFC for Block/3, this being the lower-right stamp, SCV for full OG is $30,000

Our Price: $16,000.00
#17, Mint Pair, OG-Hinged, With 2 PFC's, SCV $17,500
Mint Pair, OG-Hinged, Small Horizontal scissors cut in bottom margin. Still an amazing pair, With 2 PFC's, SCV $17,500

Our Price: $16,000.00
#21-22, XF-unused ng, Combo blk/4. SCV $45,000, Weiss Ct
XF-unused, no gum Spectacular type III and IIIa combination block/4. Top 2 stamps are rare type III, Scott #21's. Bottom 2 stamps are type IIIa, Scott #22's. Bottom two stamps with thin spots. There is a short perf at left of the top left stamp, and a pulled perf on top right stamp. Few minor perf separations. Plated by prior owner as positions 66-67/76-77R4. Great item for the 1c 1851 plating specialist. Scott catalog value - $45,000.00 as pairs. With 2011 Bill Weiss certificate

Our Price: $10,000.00
#21-22, Fine+-OG-HR, Combo blk/4, SCV $45,000, Weiss Cert
Fine+-OG-Hinge Remnants Handsome and rare combination block of types III and IIIa. The top two stamps being the extremely rare type III's, Scott #21's. Bottom two stamps are type IIIa's, Scott #22's. Plated as positions 61-62/71-72L4. A tiny crease along the top left corner perf. Bottom pair with light crease. Couple minor separated perforations. Tiny toned specks on reverse only. Breathtaking bold rich color from plate 4. A rare combination block/4. Ex-Neinken. Ex-Wagshal. Scott catalog value - $45,000.00 as 2 pairs. With 2011 Bill Weiss certificate.

Our Price: $10,000.00
#226P5 Pair XF Mint OG Never Hinged, XF-Superb, "Deep Rich Color!"

#226P5 Pair XF Mint OG Never Hinged, XF-Superb, "Deep Rich Color! With 2015 PSE Graded 90 Never Hinged Cert SCV $325 (For Hinged)

Our Price: $495.00
#37c, Mint Imperf Single, VF, no gum, With PFC's
Mint Imperf Single, VF, no gum, With PFC's, The SCV for a pair is $10,000

Our Price: $3,950.00
#70b, VF-no gum, w/PFC
VF-unused, no gum. Tremendous example of this, the elusive steel blue shade. Beautifully centered stamp with true steel blue shade. Completely sound. With 1994 PFC. Scott catalog value is $6,250.00.

Our Price: $7,250.00
#70c, F/VF-Full Fresh OG-LH. 2003 PFC. Cat $35,000
F/VF-Full Fresh OG-LH. Expertly reperfed at left. The Scott Catalog value is $35,000. With 2003 PFC

Our Price: $10,500.00